Wagon and Horses

Wagon and Horses - A Legacy of Tradition and Hospitality.
Established with a commitment to preserving the essence of traditional English pub culture, Wagon and Horses stands as a testament to timeless hospitality. With a rich history and recent renovation, our pub is a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. We take pride in providing an exceptional experience for all our guests, offering impeccable service, delectable cuisine, and a welcoming ambiance that makes you feel right at home.

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Welcome to Wagon and Horses: Your Quintessential Traditional English Pub Experience!

At Wagon and Horses, we embody the true essence of an English public house. Situated in the picturesque Borehamwood countryside, our newly refurbished pub seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern elegance. We strive to create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to families, couples, and larger groups alike. With a commitment to top-quality food, real ales, and exceptional service, we invite you to step into our world and experience the genuine warmth and hospitality that define us.

Group Booking and Private Dinning

Discover the Heart and Soul of Traditional British Pub Culture at Wagon and Horses

Wagon and Horses

From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be greeted with genuine hospitality and a cozy ambiance that invites you to relax, unwind, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, organizing a corporate event, or hosting a special occasion, we offer group bookings and private hire options to ensure your gathering is unforgettable. Our dedicated team will assist you in creating a tailored experience that suits your preferences. Our team of skilled chefs curates a menu of British cuisine that showcases the best of traditional flavors, using locally sourced ingredients to create culinary masterpieces.

Wagon and Horses


Wagon and Horses


Wagon and Horses


Wagon and Horses


Wagon and Horses


Wagon and Horses


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